La Taberna del Piano

Typical recipes from Asturias designed for every taste
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La Taberna del Piano is really a restaurant cum carvery since it is a taberna "tavern" in name only.
It was founded by the current owner, José María Moirón González,  on August 6th 1990. It is renowned for its views of the San Lorenzo bay, both from the dining room, on the first floor, as from the bar on the ground floor.

The dining room

The fisrt floor is air-conditioned and has a wide space for 70 diners; on the ground floor, the bar seats 30 persons in comfort and  has also a wide bar;  all this with the attention of highly described personnel and pleasent treatment.

The atmosphere

Relaxed, pleasant and familiar, it is typical to drink red wine or cava (champagne) from “porrones” together with a special house pincho “bollitos preñaos”.(Pincho is a free snack, and bollito preñao is a bread bun stuffed with chorizo).

Enjoy our gastronomy

The cuisine, run by María Teresa Sanz, the owner's wife, has all the typical dishes from Asturias, everyday menu and two specialities, prepared to order, that stand out:  suckling lamb from Castilla and piglet.

Daily menu

We offer everyday a delicious menu to enjoy the best products in La Taberna del Piano

The list

Enjoy the wide variety of dishes in our menu

Wine selection

Discover our wide range of wines designed to satisfy all tastes